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Soap Crayons

Posted by: Chetana Katpally in: ● March 29, 2010

Kids love to paint their world in color, especially pink if it is a girl. Any stretch of white paper is not enough. Since I strictly prohibited my child from scribbling on the walls she chose to scribble with the crayons in the bathtub and on the tiled wall. Wow!! quite a comfortable space! she might have […]

My Grandfather say’s,

Posted by: Chetana Katpally in: ● March 17, 2010

“When you smile SEVEN nerves are used. When you’re angry HUNDRED AND EIGHT nerves are used”. So use SEVEN….. SMILE  ..

First Day of School

Posted by: Chetana Katpally in: ● March 16, 2010

In a wistful moment, I was thinking about my daughter’s first day of school (18, Aug 09). It’s been some time but the memory is still fresh on my mind. I was as excited as she was about beginning kindergarten. We had a list of supplies to buy before “The Date”. My daughter and I gaily shopped […]

Feeling Animated…

Posted by: Chetana Katpally in: ● March 2, 2010

Hola! Yesterday, I was watching my child mock a rock star. She wasn’t strumming a tune since she didn’t have a guitar rather she was showing the moves. I was captivated by one such move that really suited her and decided to try it while watching myself in a full-length mirror. I was chagrined to see how […]