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Soap Crayons

Posted by: Chetana Katpally on: ● March 29, 2010

Kids love to paint their world in color, especially pink if it is a girl. Any stretch of white paper is not enough. Since I strictly prohibited my child from scribbling on the walls she chose to scribble with the crayons in the bathtub and on the tiled wall. Wow!! quite a comfortable space! she might have thought. Water, Bubbles and Color. Less did I know that she was adding a chore to an insurmountable list I have. Just about the time when she turned 4, I read about soap crayons. Great Idea!!! So I brought the pink mould, pink washable color and soap to make her the “Pink Heart Shaped SOAP Crayons”. She was very excited to use them since I wouldn’t stop her from scribbling anymore on her chosen turf. And I was equally excited to knock the chore off of my list. HA! HA! 😉 😀

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1 | Sri

5 de April de 2010 to ● 7:32 AM

great idea..:) shona loves painting and scribbling all over herself (of course there are the walls and the floors, but they come a distant second)…she believes it to be mehendi!!
do you think your soap crayons would work? its really a huge task getting the colour and specially the ink marks off her body…

2 | ChetanaK

5 de April de 2010 to ● 1:43 PM

My child likes to paint herself as well and so I bought her the washable colors. She likes to paint her face and dab it with sparkles… fun stuff she mostly gets done on play dates. Face paints and soap crayons are working like a charm.

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