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A vacation for just the two…

Posted by: Chetana Katpally on: ● November 30, 2010

Our very first, just the girls, Disney World – FL was the magical vacation for us. As nervous as I was about the trip, I was equally excited about vacationing with my daughter. We visited the four Disney theme parks, Downtown Disney and SeaWorld. Away from the monotonous routine of everyday life, we spent some valuable time eating unhealthy food and spoiling ourselves. Although it was very tiring to go around the parks on a tight schedule, it was in every way precious as every moment was filled with SMILES :). At 6 years, I thought the time was just right to take her to Disney so that she could feel and enjoy the magical theme. As I tried to teach her a few things along the way, she conversed saying “It’s true, I know” while adding her version to it. I was moderately confused thinking how high should I raise the bar. This vacation also helped me learn a lot about her. I was very surprised to see my bashful daughter come out and dance, hulahoop, talk to the animal conservationists, find out which among the wet zone was the complete soak zone only to get soaked when Shamu – The Killer Whale splashes the water. We hula-hooped together and were cheered by many. We rode bikes and tried to fish. Hoping to hook a worm as bait I hooked my finger instead… 🙂 ouch! ouch! and decided that fishing is not my sport. She was very excited to lose her first tooth at SeaWorld just before getting on the ride – The Journey to Atlantis. I don’t like roller coaster rides and apparently I rode along as she did not want to ride alone, or she is not allowed to ride alone for her age. I was happy to be taken care of by my daughter when I fell sick on one of those rides. I can go on narrating the endless fun and precious moments we had but to all the parents out there I would like to share something I have learnt: 

  1. Make sure you get the correct pricing on every item your kid is prying for so that you don’t get heavily billed.
  2. Put a logical thought ahead of your child if he/she tries to manipulate you into buying them something. Because saying NO is very disappointing on a vacation. Remember how you’ve felt during your childhood vacations.
  3. Vacations are a very good time to teach your child how money can/should be used and that liking is one thing and buying is another.
  4. Don’t forget to lay the ground rules. 🙂

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