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Connection between Santa and lunch!!!

Posted by: Chetana Katpally on: ● February 3, 2011

Every parent someday has to deal with the question, “Is Santa real?” My daughter made it easy for me by realizing it herself. How did she do it? Here is a short story – My daughter is a slow eater and doesn’t ever finish her lunch on time although she makes sure that other kids finish their lunch (Now you know she is busy talking and watching other kids). Very funny!!! :) So, for last Christmas I decided to write her a letter on Santa’s behalf hoping that it would convince her to eat fast. She did quite good for two months but perhaps got tired of the routine. So our conversation went on like this yesterday –

Me: Did you finish lunch?

Her: I ate 3 bites of fries, 2 bites of dessert and half a slice of pizza.

Me: (I love how honest kids can be. So what am I to do when she is telling me the truth…..cannot be mad at her either) Mamma is not happy. What about Santa? Don’t you think he is watching?

Her:  Santa is not real!

Me: (Stumped – thinking another one of my ideas is down the drain :-o) How do you know?

Her: Hello! I am not a kid anymore. I have seen so many Santa’s so far that each looks different. They are wearing a mask.

Me: You really think Santa is not real? (Slowly trying to accept the loss of an idea and accommodating to her logical perceptions)

 Her: Had Santa been real he would only have had one face. Besides, people don’t climb the roof to enter the house sliding down the chimney. They knock the door and enter thru the door. And don’t you see the birds in the sky? Reindeers are not birds, so they don’t fly. If all of this is not real then it cannot be true that they live in the north pole.

Me: OK. Santa is not real. But mamma is upset since you did not eat lunch.

Her: I ate a little bit. I do not like to eat fast. It is not a race.

Me: (Completely tongue-tied, wondering what to do to make her eat fast. Situation analysis – down with the task of dealing if Santa’s real, loss of an idea and task of making her eat fast is invariably at the forefront. I am running out of ideas)

 All the parents out there, any ideas you could share or experiences perhaps!!!   :)

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