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A Wednesday!!!

Posted by: Chetana Katpally on: ● March 24, 2011

Yesterday I was fasting all day and was also acting animated as I was very hungry.  With that said, I am going to narrate something that may or may not tickle your funny bone.

 I needed to reset my TV to factory settings as I had forgotten the account I had used to register it to personalize the internet TV. So I called the Sony Customer Support asking them to reset my TV so that I can re-register on the support site. The tech support was showing me all their technical chops to resolve my issue. As they proceeded, I thought “what a day, its A Wednesday” and randomly my thoughts trailed off to think about the movie – A Wednesday. I was trying to personify one of the characters Naseeruddin Shah or Anupam Kher. I didn’t know which one until our conversation slowly began. Just as the lead protagonists in the movie had their own agenda, I had my own agenda/plot – Reset my TV. I knew that reset is the only option as I had done my research to resolve it (I could be Naseeruddin Shah, the one with the plan), the Sony tech support could be Anupam Kher as they were currently figuring out what needs to be done to resolve the issue without the need for a reset (Sony Tech support is against my idea). I grew tired of trying to explain to them that I have been thru this technical process and the ONLY option is to reset it. They would not accept my idea and were trying to buy more time like Anupam Kher, giving me unsolicited advice.  As I was jelling with the idea of being Naseeruddin Shah, I told them that should their advice not work, I shall be calling back again in oh so….minutes. Well, though Shah eats lunch during that time, I could not eat as I was fasting and the only option to cool down was to take a power nap. So I took a power nap and called Sony Support again. I repeated my request tersely like Shah and finally the tech support conceded and without further questions had reset the TV. Did Shah win? HA, I win. Well, I got what I wanted and now I can stream movies from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and toy around with all the widgets on my TV. I lived the entire movie in a few moments. I was certainly acting animated while fasting all day. What a day? A Wednesday!! :)

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