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A Letter to President Obama

Posted by: Chetana Katpally on: ● May 4, 2011

At school all the kids had to write a letter to President Obama and each kid was allowed to ask three questions. Unlike the past, I do not want to assume that this is a pretend letter writing as “Flat Stanley” on his world tour (A cardboard cutout of Stanley mailed out to diff Geo locations) ended up at my parents residence in India. Well, I shall find out from her teacher if these letters really went to the White House for the president’s perusal. So, here are the three questions my daughter had asked:

1.       How many people do you meet in a day?

2.       How much work do you get done in a day?

3.       How smart are you? (Although she told me today that she had eliminated a portion of the question as she did not have enough space to fill in. So the eliminated portion was “……to answer difficult questions”)

I was stunned by her third question and asked what prompted her to ask that question. In response she said: “he is the president and is trying to make the world a better place. So I wanted to know how he answers difficult questions”. :)

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