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Fairly Odd Parents and my progression on the roller coaster rides

Posted by: Chetana Katpally on: ● June 14, 2011

The past weekend was our first day at Kings Island this season. It has been our summer weekend hangout place for 3 years now. For those of you who didn’t know, Kings Island held the record for the world’s tallest, fastest looping wooden roller coaster named as the the “Son of Beast” from 2000 – 2006. The loop was eliminated in 2006 but it still remained the tallest and fastest wooden coaster until 2009.

Well, back to my story, these three years my progression to get over the fear of rides has been very slow although I ride along with my daughter only to get off feeling very sick. But this season, my daughter encouraged me saying that unlike the previous years I would enjoy the rides and will not be fearful at all. I wasn’t sure if it was the magic of Disney or something else that prompted her to say it. Whatever it was, felt very good to hear it from her.

Below is our conversation over the years that indicates how have I progressed –

@ 5 Years

@ 6 Years

@ 7 Years

Her: Mamma when can I get on the big rides?

Me: When you grow up a little more

Her: When I grow up I can enjoy those rides with my friends!!

Me: Don’t you want mamma to join you on the rides?

Her: Mamma, you will be too old to join me on the rides!!

Me: (Dank!!! She already thinks I am old. I will change her opinion)

Her: Mamma I want to get on the Fairly Odd Parents roller coaster. Can you come with me please?

Me: Sure!! (Sounding excited to make her happy while trying to muster all the courage I could and hide my fears to make it enjoyable for her)

Her: We will sit in the front car

Me: Can we pick something in between?

Her: No, I want to be in the front!!

Me: SURE!!!! (My courage slowly slipping at the thought of being seated in the first car. NO!! I cannot let myself looking scared in front of her. I hope she doesn’t figure out!)

Her: I am going to lift my arms and enjoy the ride

Me: SURE!!!! (Do I have anything better to say at this time?)

Me: (As the ride started downwards from the highest point, I could only hear myself scream and clench my fists to not to scream but was absolutely useless. Darn!! I messed it up.)

Her: Mamma, I want to go on this ride again……ALL BY MYSELF!

Me: You don’t want mamma to join you?

Her: No!

Me: Please!! Let me join you. I promise I will not to scream and look scared

Her: OK!!

Me: (HA!! She is so nice) Smile

Me: (After the second round) Did I do better?

Her: A little.

Me: Can you go on the roller coaster rides all by yourself? You are now 7 yrs. old.

Her: No mamma. I want you to come with me. Don’t worry, you will be fine and I am sure you will enjoy the rides this time.

Me: Sure! I will join you. (And the ride felt much smoother than in the past and we merrily rode 3 times on it back-to-back)   Smile

I am surely progressing, aren’t I? Smile

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1 | Mariam

29 de August de 2011 to ● 5:21 PM

This is really funny:)
It shows how our kids change and how we change through the time!
Best of luck.

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