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Random Musings ….or is it word-i-cal?

Posted by: Chetana Katpally on: ● November 8, 2011

I got caught up with a few things lately and not being able to come to a conclusion I decided to blog a few of my child’s opinions hoping to free my mind and keep smiling :). Here they are:

1. One day while we were driving and eagerly waiting to get home she said, “Road is a large part of land that never ends”. :)

2. It always amazes me how kids enjoy a variety of fruity and sour candy. To me the only best candy is Peanut M&M’s or any candy with peanuts. Last week she forced me to taste some sour candy she had collected while trick or treating. I asked her how can she enjoy fruity and sour candy. In reply she said, “Food is food and you cannot change it”.

3. This one is the best. I was explaining her the various nouns we use while addressing family members from both sides in the Indian culture as opposed to cousin/aunt/uncle/grandpa/grandma in english. She took a mathematical approach while using the appelations in the family hierarchy. I am glad my teachings for over an year are paying off. Happily I said, isn’t it mathematical and logical? In response she added “AND WORD-I-CAL”. 😀 Although she realises that it is not a word, we were quite amused and together we laughed repeating “Mathematical, Logical and Wordical”. 😀

Perhaps I must also say magical, as it does free my mind. :)

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