Sharing few of the oodles of fun my daughter and I indulge in.

My Grandfather say’s,

Posted by: Chetana Katpally on: ● March 17, 2010

When you smile SEVEN nerves are used.

When you’re angry HUNDRED AND EIGHT nerves are used”.

So use SEVEN….. SMILE  :) ..

First Day of School

Posted by: Chetana Katpally on: ● March 16, 2010

In a wistful moment, I was thinking about my daughter’s first day of school (18, Aug 09). It’s been some time but the memory is still fresh on my mind. I was as excited as she was about beginning kindergarten. We had a list of supplies to buy before “The Date”. My daughter and I gaily shopped for all the supplies including a special bag for her that needed to be labelled. She had asked for markers and since I was too excited, I proposed fancy glittery letter stickers to embellish the label. The glue was not sufficient on the stickers so we used super glue. YAY!! Mission Accomplished!! Finally the day arrived and I took a few pictures of her in her uniform, sporting the embellished bag and drove her off to school. As a norm, I signed her in and even before I could hug her, wish her and say bye!, she ran away to find her friends. Surprisingly, I wasn’t sad, rather I realized that this is the beginning of a new life where my daughter would start making new friends and begin creating her own identity. I walked towards her, where she was happily chatting with her friends and completely oblivious to my presence. As I placed my hand on her shoulder she turned towards me and I hugged her, wished her, told her that I would pick her up on time and said bye. After I left there, I pleasantly said to myself that with all the responsibilities that come with parenthood I am going to re-live my childhood days and grow up with her again. With this thought in mind, I drove to work SMILING.  :)

Feeling Animated…

Posted by: Chetana Katpally on: ● March 2, 2010

Hola! Yesterday, I was watching my child mock a rock star. She wasn’t strumming a tune since she didn’t have a guitar rather she was showing the moves. I was captivated by one such move that really suited her and decided to try it while watching myself in a full-length mirror. I was chagrined to see how lousy it looked on me although it seemed very funny for my child. She instantly reacted saying I was crazy and funny and we chortled with merriment. It felt good to see her react the way she did. Isn’t that what I am looking for? SMILES … 😀

M&M’s Hhhmmmm!!

Posted by: Chetana Katpally on: ● February 25, 2010

Peanut m&m’s are my favorite. I enjoy more when somebody buys them for me.  Today I walked  up to the vending machine, slid in 3 quarters, hit the button AND they got stuck at the end of the coil. I looked around, not a person in sight and decided to shake the vending machine with all my strength. Guess what??? I did it. I got my m&m’s. I  relished every piece like a child, counting candy and the color of each left in the pouch through the hole that’s just a size of a single candy. I was very careful not to tear it wide enough to spill them on the floor. I usually do not apply a 4 sec rule, although there are exceptions….. sometimes. I enjoyed it differently and preciously,  didn’t I?  M&M’s  Hhhmmm!! 😀